Runner Drool

Okay, so I am currently injured.  The right knee is doing better, much better for that matter, than it was in June.  And no, it wasn’t initially a running injury.  I was knocked off-balance while at work, and wrenched the right knee in what was literally a knee-jerk reaction to keep from toppling to the floor.  It is, however, KEEPING me from running.  

So it’s been 1-1/2 months, and I’m starting to really feel the empty hole left in my life.  When I’m driving down the street, I track runners as I pass by.  When I get to my destination, I can actually tell you HOW MANY runners I saw during my trip.  And as I’m reading the Track & Field news from the Olympics, I’m just shy of the need to wipe away a little bit of drool.  I want to run so bad….

It’s going to take time…physical therapy…and maybe a touch of pixie dust (yes, I’ve already run Disney World Marathon…twice!).  Okay, maybe I’ll substitute glucosamine for the pixie dust, although I drink mine, rather than sprinkle it over my head.

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